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Comprehensive Training

Our comprehensive safety and security training offers professional instruction to enhance your security posture, ensuring your team is equipped with the necessary skills to effectively respond to threats.

Our training program goes beyond theoretical concepts, offering practical exercises and simulations to prepare your team for various challenges they may face.

Customized Security Team Set-Up

We offer online and in-person training options for your church security team. Our practical, hands-on training curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of ministry and covers essential skills required for effective security team operations in real-world scenarios.

Our comprehensive program includes an extensive policies and procedures manual, tailored security plans, and ongoing support and consultation to ensure that your security team is equipped with the right strategies, resources, and training needed to effectively safeguard your congregation and facilities. 

Your Trusted Partner in Security Training

Our instructors bring years of experience in law enforcement, emergency services, business, and church ministry, to provide expert guidance and instruction, ensuring the highest level of preparedness.

With tailored training programs designed for businesses, churches, and schools, we address the specific needs of these environments, including active shooter incidents. Our ongoing support and expertise help establish and maintain effective security protocols, creating a safe environment for all.

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I'm Rick Moore

Currently serving as a sheriff's deputy, along with my background as a business owner and many years in church ministry, I have a varied background that can help your organization increase its security posture.

It is from this extensive background in emergency services and church ministry that I started Black Diamond Consulting - to offer valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing your security and safety measures.