Why Black Diamond?

At Black Diamond Consulting, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive safety and security solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of ministries and schools.

4 Unique Qualities That Set Us Apart:


1. Our Team

Our team of instructors brings years of experience in law enforcement, emergency services, and years of church leadership. This expertise allows us to offer practical and relevant training that is rooted in real-world experience. Our content is written and reviewed by individuals with vast amounts of experience in the topics they write or review, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness.  [Learn more about our instructors]

2. Our Multi-Dimensional Approach

There is more that can bring loss or liability to your ministry than a single act of violence. We will equip your team with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively respond to a wide range of situations through our comprehensive two-day training program. With 14 hours of in-depth training, your team will benefit from a blend of classroom instruction and live scenarios.  [Learn more about our training]

3. Our Comprehensive Policy and Procedure Manual

Our training program includes a comprehensive policy and procedure manual that serves as a valuable resource for your team. It covers essential guidelines, best practices, and step-by-step procedures related to church security and safety, providing a framework for implementation and ensuring consistency in your organization's protocols. With our comprehensive policy and procedure manual, your team will have a practical tool to support their ongoing efforts in maintaining a safe and secure environment, lessening liability, mitigating potential risks, and enabling them to respond effectively to a variety of situations.

4. Our Commitment to Ongoing Training

We understand the importance of continually training your church security team to ensure their preparedness. By providing regular training opportunities, we enhance their preparedness, address evolving security challenges, and foster confidence and competence within the team. As part of our Diamond Membership, your team gains exclusive access quarterly and annual training sessions in addition to vital resources to enable them to continually develop their skills and knowledge. [Learn more about Diamond Membership]