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At Black Diamond Consulting, we believe in empowering organizations with the knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and security of their premises. Your building should be a place where people feel safe and supported. In today's world, it's important to be prepared for the unexpected. We specialize in providing comprehensive, detailed, professional training to enhance your team's safety and security. 

In today's world, business, church, and school's safety and security require more than just good intentions. It's about being prepared for any situation that may arise. With our training, your team will be prepared to handle any situation that may threaten your safety and security. 

Our expert instructors will equip your team with the tools they need to effectively respond to emergencies and protect your community. Our goal is to ensure that your premises remains a safe haven for your employees and community. With our comprehensive training, your team will be equipped to handle emergencies with confidence.


Our team brings years of experience in law enforcement, emergency services, business, church ministry or a combination of these fields. This expertise allows us to offer practical and relevant training that is rooted in real-world experience. Our content is written and reviewed by individuals with vast amounts of experience in the topics they write or review, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness.

RICK MOORE | President, Instructor, Content Creator

Our President, Rick Moore, is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a unique ability to connect with his audience. With 25 years of ministry experience as Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Evangelist, and Executive Director, Rick has a deep understanding of faith and spirituality, and he uses his gift of communication to inspire and motivate others.

In addition to his ministry experience, Rick has also spent 8 years in the field of emergency services, including both Fire Service and Law Enforcement. Currently serving as a Sheriff's Deputy, Rick is a certified Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer, demonstrating his high level of expertise in the field. He is also certified in Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Intervention, Firearms Instruction, CPR Instruction, First Aid Instruction, and AED Instruction, making him well-equipped to handle high-stress situations with professionalism and efficiency.

Rick's impressive list of certificates includes Vehicle Contraband and Drug Concealment, Evidence Collection, FEMA Introduction to Incident Command, FEMA Introduction to National Incident Management System, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, Hazardous Materials Operations and Emergency Response, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and Fire Fighter Safety Officer. These certifications highlight his commitment to ongoing professional development and his dedication to staying current with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Since 2015, Rick has been training church security teams, recognizing the need for effective measures in places of worship. Through specialized programs, he equips staff and volunteers with skills in threat assessment, emergency response, conflict resolution, and de-escalation. Rick emphasizes the importance of a compassionate approach, fostering trust and unity within church communities.

Rick's commitment to enhancing church security, combined with his background as a Sheriff's Deputy and extensive training in emergency services, has made a significant impact on faith communities nationwide. His training programs empower individuals to handle challenging situations, promoting both safety and a welcoming environment. With his passion for ministry and security, Rick's engaging style and expertise leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Rick's 25 years of ministry experience, coupled with his current role as a Sheriff's Deputy and his background in emergency services and church security training, make him a respected and sought-after speaker. His ability to connect with audiences, deep knowledge, and passion for safety and security enable him to provide valuable insights in a concise and impactful manner.

CHUCK BRENNEMAN  | Instructor, Content Creator

Chuck is an accomplished and results-driven healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Clinical Informatics Specialist. With a background in workflow/process analysis and optimization, Chuck has a proven track record of driving efficiency and improving outcomes in healthcare organizations. 

Chuck holds an Allied Health Science Degree in Nuclear Medicine and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Devoe School of Business, providing him with a unique combination of clinical and business expertise. He is certified by both the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and is licensed by the state of Indiana. 

In addition to his impressive credentials, Chuck is a seasoned educator with six years of experience training medical professionals in both the classroom and one-on-one settings. He has a talent for breaking down complex concepts and making them relatable to a wide range of audiences. 

Chuck's expertise in workflow/process analysis and optimization, combined with his extensive experience in healthcare and education, make him a valuable asset to our team.  

SHAWN BROWN | Instructor, Content Creator 

Shawn Brown is a highly experienced instructor with a remarkable background in both ministry and law enforcement, Shawn brings a unique blend of expertise to his role. His extensive knowledge and practical experience make him an invaluable asset to our team and an ideal mentor for our clients.With an impressive 34-year career in law enforcement, Shawn has gained extensive experience in various roles. He began his journey as a Patrolman at the W. Lafayette Police Department before transitioning to the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office, where he served as a Patrolman and an Undercover Narcotics Officer.

Since 1995, Shawn has been an Indiana Conservation Officer, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and continuing in that role to the present day.

Shawn's educational background includes an Associate of Science in Conservation Law Enforcement from Vincennes University and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Purdue University. He has also completed the Law Enforcement Officer Certification at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield. Additionally, Shawn has attended the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Leadership Academy to further enhance his leadership skills.

As a seasoned instructor, Shawn has obtained various certifications and qualifications to ensure he stays at the forefront of industry standards. Noteworthy certifications include completing the Waterborne Tactical Firearms Course in Ft. Knox, KY, training in Hunting Accident Investigation in Hartford, CT, honing skills in Homicide/Death Investigations in Indianapolis, IN, receiving Interview and Interrogations training from Wicklander in Plainfield, IN, becoming a Public Safety Diver in Bunker Hill, IN, and completing the Instructor Development course in Plainfield, IN. Additionally, Shawn maintains yearly in-service certifications in areas such as lifesaving/first responder, mental illness, hazardous materials, emergency vehicle operations, human trafficking, de-escalation, autism, use of force, and firearms.

In addition to his law enforcement experience, Shawn has actively served as a Church Elder for 12 years. This involvement has provided him with valuable insights into the unique security challenges faced by religious institutions. It has also deepened his understanding of the needs and concerns of church security teams, making him especially attuned to their requirements.

Shawn's extensive knowledge, combined with his unwavering dedication to safety and security, makes him an exceptional instructor. With his guidance, our clients benefit from his wealth of experience and acquire the skills needed to protect their ministry and maintain a secure environment.

BRIAN MAYO | Instructor, Content Creator

Brian Mayo is an exceptional instructor with extensive experience and qualifications in the field of fire safety, emergency response, and military operations. As a gifted speaker, he is committed to promoting leadership and excellence among church security teams. Brian's impressive background includes various leadership roles in fire departments, safety consulting, and military service. His comprehensive education and certifications further contribute to his expertise and ability to deliver high-quality training programs. 

Brian's notable experience includes currently serving as a Fire Chief, where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of a department responsible for operational and administrative control of multiple fire stations. He commands emergency scenes and establishes response parameters, policies, and procedures while effectively managing budgets and implementing capital improvement programs.  

In his role as a safety consultant, Brian provided valuable insights, documented findings, and facilitated corrective measures to ensure compliance with safety policies and procedures.   

During his tenure as a Deputy Chief, Captain and Fire Marshal, Brian exhibited outstanding leadership and management capabilities. He oversaw code enforcement, inspections, investigations, and multiple special projects. Additionally, he enforced rules and regulations, and commanded crews with professionalism and expertise. 

Brian's military service includes an impressive record as a Captain and Brigade Medical Logistics Officer in the Army National Guard, where he supervised and planned logistics for a sustainment brigade. He was responsible for reviewing, monitoring, and approving logistics, ammunition, and vehicles, ensuring mission readiness for 3500 soldiers. During his deployment to Kuwait, Iraq, and Syria, Brian performed additional duties as a physical security officer, operational security OIC, and safety officer. 

Brian's dedication to professional development is evident through his extensive list of certifications and training courses. He holds certifications in various firefighting disciplines, including Firefighter I/II, Haz-Mat Technician, Fire Officer I/II/III, and Fire Investigator I/II, among others. Additionally, he has continually pursued advanced training opportunities, including the completion of the prestigious Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy. This program provided him with invaluable insights into leadership, emergency management, and fire service operations. 

Brian's commitment to excellence is reflected in his educational background. He holds a Master's degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University, where he gained valuable skills in effective communication, team building, and ethical leadership. He also earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, further enhancing his organizational and managerial capabilities. Additionally, Brian holds an Associate's degree in Fire Science from Ivy Tech State College, solidifying his technical expertise in the field. 

Brian Mayo's extensive experience, exceptional leadership abilities, and dedication to continuous improvement make him an invaluable asset in training church security teams. His broad range of qualifications, including his military service, fire department leadership roles, safety consulting, and academic achievements, equip him to provide comprehensive and engaging training programs. As a gifted speaker, Brian is passionate about instilling leadership skills and fostering a culture of excellence within church security teams. Brian delivers exceptional training that combines practical knowledge, real-world experience, and a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and safety. 

AARON MULLET | Instructor, Content Creator

Aaron Mullet is a seasoned instructor and passionate speaker with over 7 years of ministry experience as a Lay Minister, offering church sermons and presiding at numerous weddings and funerals. With 19 years of emergency services experience in law enforcement, including serving as a Deputy Town Marshal, Class A Officer, Corporal, and Detective Sergeant, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work. He has also served 15 years as a Wildland Firefighter and 6 years as Director of Safety and Security for a private community. 

Aaron is a certified Indiana Law Enforcement Officer and holds several instructor certifications, including ILEA General Instructor, ILEA Firearms Instructor, ILEA Patrol Rifle Instructor, and NRA Firearms Instructor. He is also an Active Killer Response Instructor, Indiana Hunter Education Instructor, and holds several certificates, including Child Forensic Interviewer, Basic and Advanced Criminal Interview and Interrogations, and numerous FEMA Incident Command and National Incident Management System courses. Aaron's additional certifications include DHS Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response, Wildland Firefighter 2, Wildland Fire Investigator Cause and Origin Determination, Hazardous Materials and Response, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Defensive Tactics, Plain Clothes Concealed Carry Combative Pistol, Law Enforcement Officer S.E.R.E. Course, Basic Tactical Medical Course, and he is a graduate of the PELA Leadership Academy. 

With a diverse range of certifications and experiences, Aaron is well-equipped to handle high-stress situations with professionalism and efficiency. Aaron's commitment to ongoing professional development and dedication to staying current with the latest industry standards and best practices along with his extensive experience and training make him a valuable asset to our team and a trusted expert for our clients.

ERIN PAWLAK | Content Creator

Erin Pawlak is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who specializes in working with young adults and adolescents. With more than a decade of experience in the mental health field, her specialty areas include working with youth, young adults, anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, trauma and personality disorders. At the start of her career, she worked in the non-profit community mental health field where she assisted in creating and developing a Transitional Youth Program for young adults. 

In addition to working with the Transitional Youth population, she has worked as an advocate for the Lake County Victims of Crime (VOC) in Ohio.  Erin is trained in EMDR therapy for trauma, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Erin holds licenses in Ohio (LPCC-S), South Carolina (LPCS), Georgia (LPC, CPCS) and Florida. She is also a counselor supervisor for OH, SC and GA.  

Erin received her bachelor’s degree at Kent State University in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Family Life Education. She obtained her master’s degree at Capella University in Mental Health Counseling.