At Black Diamond Consulting, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and continuous support to ensure the utmost safety and security for our clients. Our Diamond Membership Program is meticulously designed to provide exclusive benefits and resources, tailored specifically for our esteemed clients. By enrolling in our Diamond Membership Program, our clients unlock a wide range of valuable advantages that enhance their safety and security measures. 

Your Access to Premium Features Include:

  • Exclusive Newsletter
  • Monthly Meeting Guide
  • Quarterly Online Training Session
  • Quarterly Scenario Training Video
  • Annual Training Webinar
  • Training for Future Team Members
  • Annual Updates to Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Diamond Certification

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Exclusive Newsletter:

As a Diamond Member member, each Action Team member will receive The Diamond Report, our monthly newsletter that serves as a valuable resource for staying informed and up to date. The Diamond Report provides current information on essential topics and includes a Q&A section where members can seek expert advice, updates on current events with insightful discussions, safety and security tips to enhance the knowledge and skills of your team. By receiving The Diamond Report, you gain access to a wealth of valuable information that empowers you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve in maintaining a secure environment for your church community. 

  • Q&A section for expert advice
  • Updates on current events with insightful discussions
  • Safety and security tips

Monthly Meeting Guide:

  • Productive team meetings facilitated by our guide
  • Well-structured agenda for purposeful meetings
  • Detailed training topic to expand knowledge and proficiency
  • Brief scenario to challenge critical thinking and response

As a Diamond Member, your Action Team leader will receive an exclusive meeting guide every month, specifically designed to facilitate productive and focused team meetings. This comprehensive guide includes a well-structured agenda that ensures your meetings are organized and purposeful. Additionally, it incorporates a detailed training topic, enabling your team to continuously expand their knowledge and proficiency. To further enhance the preparedness of your team, each guide also includes a brief scenario that challenges your members to think critically and respond effectively. By utilizing this guide, you can maximize the productivity of your meetings, foster team cohesion, and ensure that your Action Team remains sharp, prepared, and ready to respond to any security situation that may arise. 

Quarterly Online Training Session:

Our quarterly online training sessions provide a vital opportunity for member churches to continuously enhance the skills and capabilities of their Action Team members. These sessions deliver crucial information and training materials that are specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by church security teams. By participating in these sessions, members gain access to the latest industry insights, techniques, and best practices. This ongoing training ensures that Action Team Members are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to any security situation they may encounter. By consistently investing in their professional development, our members demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest level of safety and security within their church community.

  • Enhancing skills and capabilities of Action Team members
  • Tailored training materials for church security teams
  • Access to latest industry insights, techniques, and best practices

Quarterly Scenario Training Video:

  • Presenting authentic situations for members to encounter
  • Analyzing, strategizing, and practicing responses
  • Controlled environment for improved preparedness and decision-making
  • Practical insights and confidence building

Real-life scenarios provide valuable learning experiences for church security teams. Our quarterly scenario training videos present members with authentic situations that they may encounter in their security roles. These videos allow teams to analyze, strategize, and practice their responses in a controlled environment, ultimately improving their preparedness and decision-making abilities. By engaging with these scenarios, our members gain practical insights and develop the confidence to handle complex security situations with competence and composure. This regular exposure to realistic scenarios enhances the team's ability to assess risks, adapt to changing circumstances, and maintain a high level of vigilance, ensuring the safety of their church community.

Annual Training Webinar:

Staying up to date with the latest best practices and strategies is crucial for church security teams to effectively navigate evolving security challenges. Our annual training webinar provides members with a comprehensive review of essential topics, including emerging threats, risk management strategies, crisis response protocols, and legal considerations. This webinar serves as a platform for industry experts to share their expertise, insights, and recommendations directly with our members. By attending this recurrent training, members can ensure that their knowledge and practices align with current standards, enabling them to make informed decisions and implement effective security measures. The annual training webinar serves as a valuable resource to continuously sharpen the skills and knowledge base of church security teams, fostering a culture of preparedness and adaptability in the face of potential threats. 

  • Comprehensive review of essential topics
  • Emerging threats, risk management strategies, crisis response protocols, and legal considerations
  • Industry experts sharing expertise, insights, and recommendations
  • Alignment of knowledge and practices with current standards

New Member Training:

  • Videos provide valuable resource for new Action Team members
  • Ensures all members have the same tools, methods, and best practices
  • Covers fundamentals of church security and advanced strategies
  • Equips new team members with knowledge and skills

Our Diamond Membership Program provides you with access to our extensive collection of setup training videos for all new Action Team members. These videos serve as a valuable resource enabling them to get up to speed with previously trained members in tools, methods, and best practices. Whether it's understanding the fundamentals of church security or delving into advanced strategies, our training program equips your new team members with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their roles effectively. By leveraging these training resources, you can ensure that every member of your Action Team is well-prepared, confident, and capable of safeguarding your church community. 

Policy and Procedure Manual Updates:

In the ever-evolving landscape of safety and security, it is crucial to keep your protocols up to date and aligned with industry standards. As a Diamond Member, you receive annual updates to your policy and procedure manual. These updates incorporate the latest advancements, emerging trends, and best practices in the field of church security. By consistently staying informed about the most current protocols, you can maintain a robust security framework that reflects the highest standards of safety. These updates provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your church community is protected with protocols that are current, effective, and in line with industry benchmarks. 

  • Annual updates to policy and procedure manual
  • Keeps protocols up to date with latest advancements, emerging trends, and best practices
  • Maintains a robust security framework

Diamond Certification: 

  • Recognition of unwavering commitment to safety and security excellence
  • Demonstrates rigorous training and implementation of robust security measures
  • Establishes trust, credibility, and confidence
  • Demonstrates commitment to well-being of church community

Enrolling in our Diamond Membership Program grants you the prestigious Diamond Certified Organization designation. This esteemed recognition serves as a testament to your unwavering commitment to safety and security excellence. The Diamond Certification signifies to your church community that you have undergone rigorous training, implemented robust security measures, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety standards. It establishes trust, credibility, and confidence in your organization's ability to protect your congregation. By earning the Diamond Certification, you distinguish yourself as a leader in the field of church security, setting the benchmark for excellence and demonstrating your commitment to the well-being of your church community. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to report templates for streamlined reporting processes
  • Exclusive discounts on essential resources (AEDs, CPR training, first aid products)

Membership Rates: 



By joining our Diamond Membership Program on a month-to-month basis, you gain access to a host of exclusive benefits and resources designed to enhance your safety and security efforts. For a monthly fee of $89.99, this option allows you to experience the advantages of Diamond Membership while retaining the freedom to cancel at any time.

1-Year Membership: 

By opting for our 1-Year Membership, priced at $959 ($79.99 per month), you not only gain access to all the valuable features of our Diamond Membership Program but also save $120 over the course of the year. This discounted rate rewards your commitment to long-term safety and security excellence, ensuring you have consistent access to our resources and support for an entire year. 

2-Year Membership: 

For churches seeking an extended commitment to enhancing their safety and security measures, our 2-Year Membership offers exceptional value. Priced at $1,679 ($69.99 per month), this membership allows you to save a total of $480 over the course of two years compared to the monthly membership rate. With the 2-Year Membership, you can maximize your investment and ensure continued access to our comprehensive benefits and resources.

3-Year Membership:

Our 3-Year Membership represents the ultimate commitment to safety and security preparedness. Priced at $2,159 ($59.99 per month), this membership option offers significant savings of $1,080 compared to the monthly membership rate. By selecting the 3-Year Membership, you secure access to our exclusive benefits and resources for an extended period, allowing for long-term planning and continuous improvement of your church security measures.

Joining our Diamond Membership Program is an indispensable step for our client churches to bolster their safety and security posture. It provides exclusive access to valuable resources, training materials, updates, and a community of like-minded peers for ongoing learning and collaboration. We take pride in offering this comprehensive membership program as part of our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in safety and security solutions for our clients. 

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